Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Football Wisdom...Learned in the Kitchen!

Last Sunday, while cooking breakfast, I learned first hand a little wisdom concerning the art of 'hitting' on the football field. Now many of you will not be surprised by this little discovery and in fact, only those of you that have never played the game of football should keep reading. Everyone else scat! Okay. Living with a coach I hear many conversations. most of which are interesting, but more often than not... they go "right over my head, too high to catch". So while cracking eggs, to scramble for breakfast, I had a little 'aahha' moment I wanted to share with you. Quickly, I must back up and say that somewhere along the way I heard Coach tell our son, that in the game of football it is better to "hit, than to be hit" or maybe he said, "it hurts less to hit. than to be hit''. Either way I never gave it too much thought but obviously stored it away to 'ponder' at a later date. So, there I was at the kitchen counter, with a mixing bowl, cracking a dozen eggs and here's what happened.In my right hand I held an egg. To keep it simple, I'll call that egg, 'Hank!".... Hank the Hitter'! In my left hand, I held another egg whom I'll call, "Sammy Sad Sack". The hitting revelation came unexpected without warning as Hank whacked Sammy and broke him into. Though I didn't notice immediately, this happened time after time after time. Wow, I thought! Hank is one tough egg! On the verge of a breakthrough, I tried it one more time with the same results. Amazing! Then to finalize my unofficial experiment I decided to try the unthinkable....I switched Hank from my right hand to my left and picked up a new 'hitter', Howie! I swiftly crashed Howie into dependable old Hank and much to my dismay Hank broke. Just like that...just like Coach said, it does hurt less to be a hitter.! After a moment of silence, Hank joined the 'sad sacks' and I promised his suffering would serve a purpose.Ten minutes later, while Coach and I were enjoying our bacon and eggs, I told him all about Hank. I wondered if he might like to use this when teaching players to hit? Reading the paper and not really listening, I suggested that I might come up on Tuesday to demonstrate my 'Crack or be cracked' theory. Hey, it's a good idea! ...and when that lesson is learned, I can whisk all those indiviual eggs into 'one united team' and shed new light on the "Band of Brother's" motto!:)

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  1. WoW! After you added all the recipes I must admit this is looking awesome! :) Not bad for a 24 hour old idea! Love you!